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Oh Happy Day!

Get a ‘Spirit lift’ with this Easter greeting from Sister Act 2. I hope your Easter Sunday is this happy, and that you continue to LIVE JOYFULLY – REJOICING in the love of Christ! Don’t forget to have so...
by Jessica-Lynne Picken


Hoping for Sunshine

Getting past the winter blues… Looking at the clock , I noticed it read 9:30am, way past the time I’d meant to wake up! I was late and feeling sluggish. As I opened the blinds in my room hoping for at least the tiniest ...
by Wilbanice Ayala

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The Ninth Day of Christmas Gift: Good Cheer

Smile! Lighten up! “ …Whatever is good… think on these things…” Phil. 4:1-9 The summer sun was beautiful that Sunday; it was like the sky pointed me to the beach and scolded me for every second I spent away from the o...
by Jessica-Lynne Picken



Lilac Time

On May 13, 1994, when lilacs were in bloom and the morning sun shone with springtime brightness against a sapphire sky, my father died. The holidays have not been the same since. There is an empty place at the table and in our ...
by Jackie Picken