Erik Christensen – Father.. I ask that they may be One. (John 17:20-21)

In John 17, Jesus prays to the Father asking Him to protect and unify His bride, until she comes to the fullness of His Love and Joy made complete in her. He doesn’t use the word bride here, but the reference is clear; Je...
by Jessica-Lynne Picken


Tawiah – Little Drummer Boy

As we continue our Christmas celebrations, listen to this beautiful rendition of Little Drummer Boy by Tawiah, a young creative and inspiring artist from Britain. Her voice control is precise and she makes it seem effortless, y...
by Jessica-Lynne Picken


Kyrie Eleison – Tajci’s Story

Tajci, born Tatjana Matejas, grew up in Croatia, Yugoslavia, a communist country at that time. Raised in a musical family, Tajci began her musical career early, and attended the Croatian Music Conservatory where she developed i...
by Jessica-Lynne Picken



Ernie Picken “What Child is This”

  Dear Readers, Many of you knew and loved my father Ernie Picken (Ernest Owen Picken III, pictured with me above). Just like his family, many of you miss him dearly. We’ve been blessed beyond words by so many amazin...
by Jonathan Picken