January 18, 2012

My Offering

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Written by: Mary Ellen D'Angelo-Lombari
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Dear Lord,

You made it clear.

From the very beginning,

they belonged to you.

So, when you asked

if, by my own free will

I would give them

to you,

without hesitation

I did.

And it’s not like

I forgot.

It’s just that,

as you well know,

at times

many times

I simply considered

them my own.

Then, when I had done

all I could do for them

and falling so short

of what I wanted

or what they needed,

you picked up the pieces.

You carried them

for me.

You ran the race

when I could only rest.

Not to remind me

who could love them more,

but to show me

how to love you more.

About the Author

Mary Ellen D'Angelo-Lombari
Mary Ellen D’Angelo-Lombari lives in Methuen, MA with her husband and three teen-age sons. She has yet to meet a style of writing she does not thoroughly enjoy.


  1. You express surrendering our children to the Lord in simple, strong, beautiful words. Thank you for reminding me! I know how you feel. I’m still there–even though the children God gave me to care for are grown with children of their own. I have had to let go more and more . . . They are in His hands– and there is no better place.

  2. Rachel Voiland

    Mary Ellen, your words are almost shocking in their utter simplicity. Thank you!

  3. Eric Braude

    A very sweet poem, Mary Ellen, with a lovely ending.

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